Pentagon lied about Navy SEALs being killed during rescue mission in Afghanistan…

Here we go again. I’m sure we all remember the story of Jessica Lynch, the female version of Rambo who turned out to be nothing more than a product of the Pentagon’s hype machine. There was Pat Tillman, the story of a patriotic football player who was killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire and the subsequent cover-up of the events that led up to his death. And now the Pentagon is at it again. After the killing of Bin Laden, members of the Navy SEAL team that took part in the mission to take out the terror leader were killed on a rescue mission when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. New questions are being raised as it turns out that the SEALs were not rescuing anyone as previously reported, and were actually being called into to back up a group of Rangers who were in pursuit of fleeing Taliban. Check out CNN below actually doing a bit of reporting via Youtube user “Moxnewsdotcom”


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