The Occupy Wall St movement is spreading across the country…

Occupy Wall st is growing. What started back on September 17th in lower Manhattan has spread to numerous other cities as the middle class and poor unite in solidarity against corporate greed and social inequality. With marches taking place in Tampa, Boston, Albuquerque and many more planned in numerous other cities the mainstream media can try it’s best to ignore the people’s movement but the calls for justice will not go unheard. Check out the sights and sounds of your fellow citizens making their voices heard, there is no better music.





  1. Solidarity people! Are the protests of any significant number though?

  2. so far it looks like NY and Boston have the largest numbers, groups totaling over a 1,000 while the other cities are smaller, I believe tampa was around 400 500 but that’s a pretty large group considering that tampa is a smaller city than say NY, there are lots more events planned so time will tell if the movement continues to grow…

    • Well that’s something. Hopefully the unions will get behind it fully and we can see more numbers out on the streets, you’ll need tens of thousands before anyone will listen any great deal I think.

      • it doesnt matter about the number of people, it matters on the impact the people leave behind. these people want the government to stop being so corrupt and they want to be balanced. it doesnt matter about the number of people it matters about the impact to change the government…

  3. i agree that the number is large though, but it the impacted that is lefted behind.

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