Dept of Homeland Security launches “pre-crime” detection program…

Tom Cruise would be jealous. He only pretended to be head of a future police unit that arrested and charged people with crimes they had not yet committed, or even expressed intent to commit. The Department of Homeland Security gets to do it in real life.

FAST, Future Attribute Screening Technology, is a system that uses ethnicity, gender, body movements, voice-pitch and rhythm changes, eye movement, body heat, breathing patterns, blink rate and pupil variation to determine whether someone has  mal-intent. The DHS is already testing the program on select members of the public in at least one field test conducted in an undisclosed location in the Northeast. A limited trial was also conducted with DHS employees.

“The department’s Science and Technology Directorate has conducted preliminary research in operational settings to determine the feasibility of using non-invasive physiological and behavioral sensor technology and observational techniques to detect signs of stress, which are often associated with intent to do harm,” according to a statement DHS gave CNET. “The FAST program is only in the preliminary stages of research and there are no plans for acquiring or deploying this type of technology at this time.”

The phrase “big brother is watching” never had more relevance.



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  1. Very interesting!!

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