Fla. lawmaker wants to bring back firing squads…

Apparently it’s time to stop letting convicted killers “get off that easy,” according to Rep. Brad Drake, Fl. Solution? File a bill to bring firing squads or the electric chair for inmates sentenced to death, of course.

The Florida lawmaker filed a bill this week that would end the use of lethal injection in Florida executions and let those with a death sentence choose between electrocution or a firing squad. Drake who is a Republican, SURPRISE!!, said he got the idea after having a conversation with a constituent at a Waffle House over the legal battles associated with last month’s execution of Manuel Valle.

“We still have Old Sparky. And if that doesn’t suit the criminal, then we will provide them a .45 caliber lead cocktail instead,” he said in the release. “I am sick and tired of this sensitivity movement for criminals. Every time there is a warranted execution that is about to take place, some man or woman is standing on a corner holding a sign, yelling and screaming for humane treatment,” he added. “I have no desire to humanely respect those that are inhumane.”

The Republican-controlled Florida Legislature will consider Drake’s bill during the 2012 session.

The bill, which is available online, says a change in the method of execution “does not increase the punishment or modify the penalty of death for capital murder.”

“Nothing contained in this chapter is intended to require any … employee of the Department of Corrections or any other person to assist in any aspect of an execution which is contrary to the person’s moral or ethical beliefs,” it adds.

Deborah Denno, a professor at Fordham University law school and an expert on methods of execution, said Drake’s idea was a “good suggestion.” She told msnbc.com in a telephone interview that a firing squad execution was the “most humane” and “most dignified” method of those that can be used in the U.S. followed by hanging, with lethal injections and the electric chair tied for third and lethal gas as the least humane method. She said she is opposed the death penalty as it is currently administered, saying it was used disproportionally against minorities and low-income people.




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  1. I’m not much in favor of the firing squad because it’s not efficient and has failed before. On the other hand, he described a .45 round which is pistol round and unsuitable for a firing squad in the 1st place.

    If he’s advocating for a pistol put the felon’s head then I’m all for it. It personal, as I believe all executions should be, foolproof, and as quick and kind as it is possible to be insofar as killing someone is concerned.

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