Michigan Man May Have Intentionally Infected Hundreds with HIV

David Dean Smith, of Comstock Park, Michigan, has been charged with felony sex offenses after telling police he was HIV-positive and has been trying to intentionally infect as many people as possible. Health officials have issued an alert warning that “possibly hundreds of people have been exposed to HIV.”

Smith was initially charged with one count after he went to Grand Rapids police last week and said he had intentionally had unprotected sex with as many people as he could over the last three years, according to police. At his arraignment Wednesday he was charged with a second count of “AIDS-sexual penetration with an uninformed partner” after police identified a second possible victim.

According to the Grand Rapids 61st District Court, Smith claimed to have had sex with “thousands” of partners, intending to kill them by infecting them with HIV. Some of those people are from outside the Grand Rapids area, including people he met over the Internet.

Smith said at his arraignment Wednesday that he has been undergoing counseling. Court documents show that Smith was admitted to Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services recently because he was “suicidal” and had tried to kill himself at least once. The records say the hospital determined that Smith is “sexually aroused by causing pain to females.”



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