NYU Offering Course on Occupy Wall Street

Occupy The Classroom!

Beginning next semester New York University will offer a class on the anti-greed Occupy Wall St movement.

A description in the school’s course catalog reads “We will examine the long history of finance, the impact of financialization on empires and regimes historic and present, and the sources and impact of economic, political, social and cultural inequalities,”.

“We will also investigate the conditions for challenges, uprisings and change,” says the description for the course offered in the school’s Department of Social and Cultural Analysis.

“Occupy Wall Street has done us all the service of illuminating [the fact] that the economy operates within the framework of political, social and cultural conflicts, and not outside them,” professor Lisa Duggan, who will teach the class, told the Washington Square News campus newspaper.

Not to be outdone Columbia University will also be offering a course on OWS.  The course [pdf], called “Occupy the Field,” will offer “training in ethnographic research methods alongside a critical exploration of the conjunctural issues in the Occupy movement: Wall Street, finance capital, and inequality; political strategies, property and public space, and the question of anarchy; and genealogies of the contemporary moment in global social movements.”

Professor Hannah Appel will be teaching the course, which will consist of seminars and lots of fieldwork with Occupy Wall Street, where students are encouraged to get involved with any of the working groups that meet regularly in the atrium at 60 Wall Street. Appel is a self-proclaimed “regular participant in the Occupy movement,” and in the course description she assures students with “absolute certainty that there is no foreseeable risk in teaching this as a field-based class. On the contrary, the risks of disengaged scholarship seem more profound.”




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