Paul Campaign Calls on Gingrich to Apologize for Assault on Supporter

The Ron Paul campaign wants an apology from Newt Gingrich for what it called an “assault” on one of its supporters outside a Florida polling place by Gingrich campaign aides.

According to a Tuesday news report, 29-year-old Ron Paul supporter Eddie Dillard had his bare toes stomped on and his cell phone broken by rival Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s aides and security personnel for getting too close to the former House speaker while holding a Paul sign.

The incident took place in the Orlando suburb of Windermere, Fla.

Gingrich aides and security personnel tried intimidating Dillard into moving. When Dillard stood his ground one of the agents put his heeled shoe on Dillard’s bare foot and dug into his skin, twisting it side-to-side leaving a bruise. Dillard attempted to take a picture of the agent with his phone, but it was quickly knocked out of his hand. Dillard then slipped off his flip-flop to pick up the phone with his foot, and a Gingrich supporter kicked the sandal away.

“Don’t kick me!” Dillard said to the man who knocked away his sandal.

“Just block him!” a Gingrich campaign aide said. “Everyone step on his toes!”

Gingrich supporters handed a “Newt 2012” yard sign up to the front to put in front of Dillard’s Paul sign. When the candidate finished taking pictures with voters, furious Gingrich aides grilled Dillard.

“If we did this to you, you guys would be furious,” said an aide before stomping back toward the bus. “They have no class. No class.”

“They say the culture of an organization is a reflection of its top executive and today’s deplorable behavior against Ron Paul supporter Eddie Dillard in Florida reflects very poorly on Congressman Gingrich,” said Paul’s national campaign chairman, Jesse Benton, in a statement.

“I call on Congressman Gingrich to publicly apologize to Mr. Dillard. In addition,” he continued, “we ask that those Gingrich campaign staff directly involved in the episode be immediately terminated.”

“There is simply no excuse for the type of violent, boorish and abusive behavior demonstrated by Mr. Gingrich’s campaign,” Benton said. “We hope Mr. Gingrich understands this and takes the actions we recommend.”


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