New File-Sharing Technology is Immune to Government Attacks

The battle for internet freedom just got a little more interesting. A new file-sharing software called Tribler is immune to attacks from government or anti-piracy organizations, its creators claim.

“The only way to take it down is to take the internet down” says Dr Pouwelse of Delft University of Technology.

Tribler is a variant on the popular BitTorrent file-sharing software, but is designed specifically to stay online under any circumstances.

“Tribler is designed to keep BitTorrent alive, even when all torrent search engines, indexes and trackers are pulled offline” says file-sharing news site Torrentfreak.

Some file sharing  sites were shaken in the wake of the arrest of Megauploads founder, Kim Dotcom, along with three of his colleagues, who’ve been charged with racketeering, copyright infringement and money laundering.

Popular BitTorrent sites BTJunkie and QuickSilverScreen voluntarily shut down while Filesonic and Fileserve users are now being restricted to downloading files they’ve uploaded themselves.

Tribler, though, could be a game changer.

There is no central point to attack. Users with the software share files with each other without a “listing site” hosting the files. The technology has been under test for six years, and has never been offline, even for a second, its Dutch creators told TorrentFreak.

“Our key quest is facilitating unbounded information sharing” Dr. Pouwelse added.



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