Pentagon Wants $3 Billion for the War in Iraq That We All Were Told Was Over

We were told that the Iraq War had come to an end, but the US Department of Defense is asking the federal government for almost $3 billion dollar for “activities” in a country that we are no longer in.

The last US troops were supposedly withdrawn from Iraq just before 2012 began, but for reasons undisclosed the Pentagon still wants billions to continue doing something in Iraq. According to the latest budget request, the DoD says they need $2.9 billion for “Post-Operation NEW DAWN (OND)/Iraq Activities.”

In a report published Monday by, they acknowledge that it will take nearly $3 billion for the “Finalizing transition” from Iraq. Only two months earlier, however, President Obama celebrated the end of the Iraqi mission. At the time, some critics called the ending of the war a publicity stunt for the president’s re-election campaign.

After “ending” the war last year, the US government handed Iraqi operations over to the State Department. Three billion dollars, the amount that the DoD wants for a war they aren’t waging, makes up around one-ninth of the State Department’s entire annual budget. In 2012, the Pentagon had asked for $11 billion to fight the War in Iraq, which at the time, was an actual war.

But as the U.S. military death toll stands at over 4,000 after nearly eight years overseas, it is clear by the latest  request for more taxpayer money, that the U.S. isn’t ready to walk away just yet.



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