Michigan Tea Partier Says Getting College Education is Communism

Rick Santorum believes that President Obama’s plan to make college more accessible is just a plan to brainwash people into becoming liberals.

Most rationale people understand that at best these type of assertions are just hyperbole meant to rile up the GOP base and also at best are a clear demonstration as to why someone like Santorum is clearly un-electable.

But for the tea party crowd gathered at the Americans For Prosperity rally, Santorum’s words about higher education were right on target.

“President Obama wants everybody in America to go to college,” Santorum said. “What a snob!”

Santorum started by saying some people don’t require college to be successful.

“Not all folks are gifted the same way. Some people have incredible gifts with their hands.” He then went on to imply that Obama’s push to get more Americans to attend college was some kind of sinister plot.

“There are good, decent men and women who work hard every day and put their skills to the test that aren’t taught by some liberal college professor… That’s why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image,” Santorum said. “I want to create jobs so people can remake their children into their image, not his.”

“I thought that was brilliant,” said Angie Clement of Commerce, Mich. “Not everybody has to go to college. We need garbagemen, we need welders, carpenters.”

“Everybody can’t be equal,” agreed Paul Murrow of Milford, MI seated nearby. “Somebody needs to do the manual labor.”

Clement’s husband, Stephen, said Santorum was right on the mark when he said that Obama wants to send kids to get college degrees to create more liberals.

“It starts down at the elementary school level with all this bullshit about diversity, pardon my French,” he said. “Diversity and sensitivity and all that crap. That’s the stuff that needs to be taught at home not by my teachers. My teachers need to be academic: Math, science, history, social studies, that sort of thing and keep political opinions out of it, bottom line.”

Stephen and Angie are middle-aged. Stephen said his two step kids are grown and one, his stepson, went to the University of Michigan and got an engineering degree, “but now he’s not using it. And that’s his choice.”

“I think he’s saying, ‘Do you think that that’s the only way you can be a successful person? To go to college?’” said another attendee, Elizabeth, who didn’t want her last name used. “That is snobbery. In this entrepreneurial country that we have, where fortunes are made in a lot of ways, they’re not only made by college-educated people.”

They all agreed that college can help some people, but they also believe that universities brainwash individuals into socialists.

“They try and disguise it with, you know, ‘equal opportunity’…” Stephen Clement began.

“It’s communism,” Murrow said, cutting him off. “The professors are all teaching the kids…”

“Where does the social engineering stop?” Clement added. “Does it stop after we send everybody to college, or does it stop after we set their curriculum and said, ‘these are the things you’re allowed to study?’ Does it become the Soviet Union?”


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