The American Electorate Will Get the Terrible President it Deserves

In an economy in which one half of people graduating college with bachelors degrees are unemployed or underemployed, in which the labor force continues to shrink as more and more people give up looking for work, in which 11 million people are drowning in homes that are underwater, why are liberals and conservatives arguing over which presidential candidate was the biggest bully in their youth!?

Several right-leaning news outlets are striking back at all the liberal finger waving over a story that came out about republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney the day after President Obama announced his support for gay marriage. According to reports Romney and some of his fellow classmates held down a boy who they thought was gay and cut his hair.

After the story surfaced, Romney apologized, saying that while he doesn’t remember all of his prep school “pranks,” if “anyone was hurt by that or offended, obviously I apologize.”

Apparently in today’s childish political climate this story is of ginormous importance.

Now the super serious conservatives on the right have ammo with which to fire back at their lefty counterparts.

According to an excerpt in the president’s memoir, “Dreams from My Father,”. The president details how he teased and shoved a middle school girl named Coretta, the only other black student in his grade.

Conservative website ran the  headline, “Does WaPo know Obama shoved a little girl?” Right-leaning and the National Review picked up the story also.

According to Sean Hannity of Fox News, Obama has a “worse record” of behavior, pointing to another excerpt in Obama’s memoir in which he describes skipping classes, drinking beer and experimenting with drugs.

“That puts Romney and the bully issue to shame,” Hannity argued.

As is the case more times than not, Mr. Hannity is wrong. The real shame is how important the faux outrage, from both sides, surrounding this non-issue is and how unimportant the actual issues have become.



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