Staten Island The Forgotten Borough?

Anger and frustration has continued to grow over the response to superstorm Sandy which brought a record storm surge to U.S. North east coastal areas and left many people with no power, no gasoline and in many cases no homes. There were about 41 deaths in New York City, about half of which were in Staten Island.

“They forgot about us,” said Theresa Connor, 42, describing her Staten Island neighborhood as having been “annihilated.” “And Bloomberg said New York is fine. The marathon is on,” she said, referring to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“I just walked past four huge generators. Those could be put to use for people who need them,” said Marjorie Dial, a tourist from Oregon who was shocked to see the generators in Central Park, where the marathon finishes. “What they’ve discovered on Staten Island should have been the tipping point – the bodies.” . The mayor has since announced that the marathon is being cancelled.

Some have praised President Obama’s handling of storm relief but scenes of angry victims could have a negative affect on the president’s campaign with the election only four days away. U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Federal Emergency Management Agency Deputy Administrator Richard Serino planned to visit Staten Island on Friday amid angry claims that the borough has largely been ignored.



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