Red Cross Says They Regret Not Helping Victims of Sandy Sooner

The American Red Cross has admitted that it did not respond fast enough to some of the hardest hit areas by superstorm Sandy on the U.S. East Coast, expressing regret. The organization  blamed flooding and other infrastructure problems for its slow response and says they are currently working aggressively to distribute food, water and other supplies to victims across New York and New Jersey.

Borough President, James Molinaro, criticized the Red Cross and asked residents not to donate to them.

“Do we wish we could have been there sooner? You bet,” said Roger Lowe, a spokesman for the American Red Cross. “When you have 8 million people in need, with roads that are damaged, infrastructure broken down, flooding everywhere, we can’t be there that fast. And we feel bad about that.”

Most supplies were stored in five staging areas just out of Sandy’s path. Getting it to the hardest hit areas, many located along the waterfront, proved difficult in the days after Sandy, Lowe said.

“You don’t want to put your relief workers or your relief supplies in these areas that are about to be hit by the hurricane,” he said.

All of the group’s 320 emergency response vehicles across the United States are now at Sandy recovery sites distributing food and water, or are on their way. Eight large kitchens in New York and New Jersey are making meals that the emergency vehicles pick up and distribute to victims, Lowe said.


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