Guilty Plea in Sony Pictures Hacking Case

Cody Kretsinger pleaded guilty yesterday, to the 2011 hack of Sony Pictures, admitting that he transmitted information to other members of the hacking group LulzSec.

Kretsinger, 23, was arrested in September 2011 by the F.B.I. He was charged with conspiracy and the unauthorized impairment of a protected computer.

He pled guilty to both charges, as part of a plea deal.

“I joined LulzSec, your honor, at which point we gained access to the Sony Pictures website,” Kretsinger, who went by the hacking alias “Recursion,” told the judge.

LulzSec is considered to be a spinoff of Anonymous, the hacker and activist group that operates online.

Earlier this month, the FBI arrested several members of LulzSec using intelligence gained by interrogating “Sabu”, the group’s nominal leader, but a group claiming to be LulzSec recently hacked the email database of CSS Corp.

In June, members of LulzSec allegedly hacked into and compromised the personal information of more than 1 million users. While the group did not copy the information of all 1 million people, it did gain access to thousands of records

Sony Pictures later notified 37,500 users that their personal information might be at risk.

Kretsinger was apparently not involved in a hack against the Sony PlayStation Network, which cost the company $171 million and took the service offline for 77 million PlayStation Network members for a total of six weeks. The Sony Pictures hack cost Sony Pictures $600,000 in damages.



LulzSec, Anonymous Betrayed by Founding Member

Five of the top members of the infamous computer hacking group LulzSec have been arrested and charged by the F.B.I.

According to reports the arrests came after the group’s “senior leader”, Hector Xavier Monsegur “Sabu”, 28, pled guilty to several charges of computer hacking conspiracy and began working with prosecutors, Monsegur is facing a maximum of 124 years behind bars.

The five alleged members arrested were identified as Ryan Ackroyd aka “Kayla” and Jake Davis aka “Topiary” from London, two residents of Ireland, Darren Martyn aka “pwnsauce” and Donncha O’Cearrbhail aka “palladium”, and Jeremy Hammond aka “Anarchaos” from Chicago. According to a FBI press release, all but Davis face charges of computer hacking conspiracy and varoious other charges. Each carries a maximum 10 year prison sentence.

Jeremy Hammond, is named in the report to have been the main person behind the hack on US security company Stratfor last year which resulted in the release of 1,000s of the companies internal e-mails.

According to court papers, Sabu was an “influential member of three hacking organizations Anonymous, Internet Feds and Lulz Security, that were responsible for multiple cyber attacks on various businesses and governments in the United States and the world over.” He allegedly acted as a “rooter,” a computer hacker who identified vulnerabilities in the computer systems of potential victims.

FBI officials involved with the investigation have been quoted as saying “this is devastating to the organization”, and that these arrests are “chopping off the head of LulzSec.”

Following the reports, Anonymous posted on its Twitter feed:

We are Legion. We do not have a leader nor will we ever. LulzSec was a group, but Anonymous is a movement. Groups come and go, ideas remain”


Interpol Says Suspected Anonymous Hackers Arrested

Interpol said Tuesday that 25 suspected members of the loose-knit Anonymous hacker movement were arrested in Europe and South America.

The arrests took place in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain.

The suspects are accused of planning coordinated cyberattacks targeting Colombia’s defense ministry and presidential websites, Chile’s Endesa electricity company and national library, as well as other targets.

An ongoing investigation that begun in mid-February led to the seizure of 250 pieces of IT equipment and mobile phones Interpol said.

In Chile’s capital, Subprefect Jamie Jara announced at a news conference that authorities arrested five Chileans and a Colombian. Two of the Chileans are 17-year-old minors.

Prosecutor Marcos Mercado, computer crimes, said the suspects were charged with altering websites, including that of Chile’s National Library, and engaging in denial-of-service attacks on websites of the electricity companies Endesa and Hidroaysen. The charges carry a penalty of 541 days to five years in prison.

“For now, we have not established that they have had any special communications among themselves,” said Jara.

Spanish authorities announced, early Tuesday, the arrest of four suspected Anonymous hackers in connection with attacks on Spanish political party websites. Two servers used by the group in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic have been blocked. The alleged manager of Anonymous’ computer operations in Spain and Latin America, was among those arrested and was identified only by his initials and the aliases “Thunder” and “Pacotron.”

The four are suspected of defacing websites, carrying out denial-of-service attacks and publishing data on police assigned to the royal palace and the premier’s office online.

Interpol is headquartered in Lyon, France. The organization has no powers of arrest or investigation but it helps police forces around the world work together, facilitating intelligence sharing.

A tweet associated with Anonymous’ Brazilian wing posted a message to Interpol.

It read “Interpol, you can’t take Anonymous, It’s an idea.”

Anonymous Reveals Haditha Massacre Emails

The loose knit internet collective known as Anonymous have unveiled their release for this week’s installment of FuckFBIFriday. This time around their target is Frank Wuterich, the US Marine that admitted to killing Iraqi civilians and received no jail time for his crime.

Anonymous began circulating news early Friday that the website for Puckett and Faraj, the high-profile attorneys that represented Sgt. Frank Wuterich in his recent trial, had been hacked. Wuterich admitted to leading a Marine raid of two civilian homes in Haditha, Iraq in 2005, murdering 24 innocent civilians including women, children and an elderly man who was confined to a wheelchair.

Last month, a military tribunal completed a hearing on Sgt. Wuterich, more than six years after the notorious incident. He was reportedly expected to receive only 90 days of prison time but ended up getting none.

In response, hacktivists with Anonymous have uncovered gigabytes worth of correspondence from Sgt. Wuterich’s attorneys and affiliated parties and left the following message on Puckett and Faraj’s website.

As part of our ongoing efforts to expose the corruption of the court systems and the brutality of US imperialism, we want to bring attention to USMC SSgt Frank Wuterich who along with his squad murdered dozens of unarmed civilians during the Iraqi Occupation. Can you believe this scumbag had his charges reduced to involuntary manslaughter and got away with only a pay cut? Meanwhile, Bradley Manning who was brave enough to risk his life and freedom to expose the truth about government corruption is threatened with life imprisonment. When justice cannot be found within the confines of their crooked court systems, we must seek revenge on the streets and on the internet – and dealing out swift retaliation is something we are particularly good at. Worry not comrades, it’s time to deliver some epic ownage. And to add a few layers of icing to this delicious caek, we got the usual boatloads of embarrassing personal information. How do you think the world will react when they find out Neal Puckett and his marine buddies have been making crude jokes about the incident where marines have been caught on video pissing on dead bodies in Afghanistan? Or that he regularly corresponds with and receives funding from former marine Don Greenlaw who runs the racist blog We believe it is time to release all of their private information and court evidence to the world and conduct a People’s trial of our own.”

Anonymous operatives also released a recorded phone message that they intercepted from the FBI and Scotland Yard. Hours later, The Associated Press reports that the FBI confirmed the interception and says it is going after the parties responsible.

Anonymous Launches Largest Attack Ever

In response to the Department of Justice taking down the popular file sharing site Megaupload Anonymous launched #OpMegaupload. On their blog they announced that the op was their largest attack ever, crippling government and music industry sites including the ones for the Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, RIAA and the Motion Picture Association of America.

The outrage and subsequent protests over the threat that SOPA and PIPA are to the internet have caused some members of Congress as well as some online based companies to change their stances on the controversial Acts, but the raid on Megaupload proved that the feds don’t need SOPA or PIPA in order to impose their will on the internet.

That being the case it appears Anonymous has sent a message loud and clear to the federal government and any entity for that matter that seeks to restrict the freedom of the internet.


Anonymous Retaliates Against Feds for Shutting Down Megaupload

Internet freedom fighting group Anonymous, have apparently crashed the Justice Department website in retaliation for prosecutors shutting down the popular file-sharing site,

“The government takes down Megaupload? 15 minutes later Anonymous takes down government & record label sites,” the group tweeted.

A Justice Department spokesman did not confirm whether the agency was a victim of a cyberattack, but was not loading as of Thursday afternoon.

Anonymous also claimed to have crashed the site of Universal Music, which was also failing to load.

Prosecutors seized on Thursday and charged seven of its employees with criminal copyright infringement, conspiracy to commit racketeering and other charges.

The crackdown came just one day after a massive online protest against the Stop Online Piracy and Protect IP Acts (SOPA/PIPA), both of which would dramatically expand the power of the federal government to shut down websites accused of infringing on copyrights.

Anonymous Calls For National Day of Resistance


Citizens of the United States,
We are Anonymous.

This message is an immediate call for a day of action. On February 3rd, the collective is calling upon the citizens of the united states to protest against the new sections in the national defense authorization act that were passed a short while ago. While we cannot force the american people to protest, we must tell them that this law will strip away any rights they thought they had including, but not limited to, Free speech, Free press, Free access to information, and the right to protest, assemble, and bear arms. This law cannot be changed according to the Feinstein Act.

Sections Ten thirty one and ten thirty two of the national defense authorization act have been passed and ratified. It grants unlimited powers to the executive branch of the government to indefinitly detain suspects, even American citizens, without trial. All a person has to do is to commit a belligerent act.

What is a belligerent act? Is protesting a belligerent act? Is being Anonymous a belligerent act?

This is where we draw the line. This is when we leave our computers. This is when we take out our masks and defy the corrupt rule of law.

This is when we revolt.
The time has come for you to accept the truth and join us in overthrowing yet another corrupt military regime.

Operation Blackout, engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
we do not Forgive.
we do not Forget.
To the United States government, you should’ve expected us.

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