Pentagon releases home videos of Osama Bin Laden seized in raid…

Pentagon officials have released five video clips that the Navy SEALS seized from Osama Bin Laden’s Pakistani compound in the raid that ended the Al Qaeda leader’s life. One of the videos is a complete unreleased statement dated sometime between October 9 to Nov. 5, 2010. Officials say that it contains the usual rhetoric of condemnation of America. Three of them are practice runs of planned messages, while one is a bizarre recording of the terror chief sitting on the floor in his compound watching a news segment about himself. It also appears that beyond killing “infidels” and trying to bring down the U.S., Bin Laden was concerned enough about his looks to dye his gray beard black before recording his statement videos.

Below you will find all five videos via YouTube user “Starnews”. There is no audio as the Pentagon believed whatever Bin Laden was saying constitutes a risk to security.