Libyan Security Chief Assassinated in Benghazi

Colonel Farag al-Dersi, Benghazi’s chief of security, was killed by three gunmen in the same eastern Libyan city where US ambassador Chris Stevens and three fellow diplomats died after the US consulate was overrun this past September 11th. The Libyan security chief led an anti-militia crackdown in the wake of the attack.

There has been a string of killings and car bombings in the city, most of which targeted officials who had high-profile roles in the former administration of Muammar Gaddafi.  Libya’s new cabinet, which was sworn-in last week, is facing a vast security vacuum. Police and army functions remain distributed among a patchwork of militias.

The assassination of Dersi also highlights the lack of progress made in catching the killers of Stevens, who died when the consulate was stormed and set ablaze by several dozen militiamen. Libya has yet to give details of any investigation into the death of what was the first killing of a US ambassador since 1979, or bring any suspects to trial.


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