Progressives being left out of budget talks?

Have you heard of “The People’s Budget“? If you only watch the “liberal” media for your political news chances are you haven’t. We all know about the ongoing budget talks between the Republicans and Democrats but one proposed budget that seems to be being completely ignored is the Progressive Caucus’s People’s Budget.

In response to President Obama’s statement “if you are a progressive, you should be concerned about debt and deficit just as much as if you’re a conservative.” CPC Co-Chair Raul Grijalva said the following:

“The Progressive Caucus has introduced the only budget that creates a surplus by 2021 because we take seriously the need for a strong economy and manageable debt. Our budget eliminates the deficit in 10 years and creates jobs while protecting the programs our constituents rely on. We stand ready to work with you, as we have throughout this process, to solve the budget impasse in a way that helps rather than punishes the American people. With the House under tea party control and the Senate held hostage by Mitch McConnell, it is up to you to fly the standard of the people who elected you. We feel our budget achieves your policy goals, and we look forward to producing a successful outcome for our economy and our constituents at home.”

The People’s Budget includes a stimulus package of public works and infrastructure funding to get people working immediately. It brings taxes back to the Clinton era level and makes them more progressive. It reduces military spending to a little less than the rest of the world combined on the military, rather than more than it. It taxes financial speculation and includes a public option in health care.In other words, the People’s Budget addresses every single root cause that President Obama said drove the deficit to the heights we see now.
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