President Obama Was Just Too Busy to Visit Wisconsin

Asked why he didn’t visit Wisconsin to support efforts to recall Republican Governor Scott Walker for his legislative attacks on unions, President Obama said he was too busy.

“I have a lot of responsibilities,” he told WBAY, the CBS affiliate in Green Bay in one of eight local interviews he conducted Monday to launch a White House initiative that will direct $2 billion to rural communities from the Small Business Administration.

Obama has been criticized by Democratic activists for not helping Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s unsuccessful effort to unseat Republican Gov. Scott Walker in last week’s vote.

“I would have loved to have seen a different result,” he said.

Too busy to keep his promise to stand with and defend unions but not too busy to attend fundraisers held by the president of a private equity firm, the same kinds of private equity firms that Obama says don’t hold American values.


Oh yeah, let’s not forget about that broken promise to raise the minimum wage too


Apparently zombies don’t like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker either…

The zombie apocalypse has hit Wisconsin and it’s legions of the undead have a bone to pick with Governor Scott Walker and his obvious lack of brains.



Woman charged for sending death threats to Wisconsin Republicans

Katherine Windels, 26, has been charged with two counts of creating a bomb scare and two misdemeanor counts of computer based threats to injure or harm for sending threatening e-mails to Republican senators in Wisconsin.

The first e-mail was sent on March 9 to Sen. Cowles of Green Bay. The message said that it had been decided that the Republican senator had to be killed and that people would be “arriving at your house and putting a nice little bullet in your head,”. The email also said that there were several bombs planted around his house, car and the Capitol building. Within two hours similar messages with similar threats were sent to other Republican senators. The emails berated the lawmakers for voting to take away public employee unions collective bargaining rights. The emails also praised Republican Sen. Dale Schultz of Green Bay, who voted against the measure.

The authorities were able to track the e-mails to Windels parents’ computer. When questioned about them Windel confessed, but said she never had any plans to go through with the attacks. In a statement to local news about the incident State Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, said “I hope this poor young girl hasn’t ruined her life over a few minutes of over-emotional stupidity,”. Windels is facing a combined maximum penalty of seven and a half years in prison.

Here’s a local news segment about the incident via Youtube user mobilizeme.

Poor Rep. Sean Duffy is struggling to survive on $174,000 salary

Poor poor Sean Duffy. Six kids, student loans, a mortgage and a used mini van!? How could he possibly put food on the table, he only makes $174,000 a year, so a pay cut to the Wisconsin Representative’s salary to help share the pain and balance the budget is out of the question, right? Wait a minute, isn’t that three times what teachers make on average in Wisconsin?

Let’s stop for a moment and get this right, teachers need to have their collective bargaining rights taken away and their salaries cut to balance the budget yet one of the people elected to represent them cries poverty when a cut is mentioned in regards to his paycheck, even though he makes three times what teachers take home.

Mister Duffy is either completely out of touch or the very definition of arrogance. Either way it’s incredibly stupid to whine to your constituents about your bills when you make three times what they make and they all have to pay those very same bills. Check out the video of Mister Duffy’s town hall meeting in Polk County, Wisconsin via Youtube user Hayyoodotcom.